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I have been running the "Encounter Weather, version 1.0, by Stardock Design" on my Windows 7 PC for years. Today, I got a message that it "Can't reach Accuweather".

Does anyone know if Accuweather changed their Web Service or their security policy to no longer allow weather widgets made for DesktopX to retrieve data? I know that years ago there was a huge complaint from weather information companies that prevented several Stardock objects and widgets from using their servers. Maybe AccuWeather is the latest to give up sharing weather information? If that is the case, I'll be sad, but understand. If it is just a problem with my network, then I can look for a solution.


on Aug 30, 2018


Sorry to hear you are having issues.

This might be one of those issues that fix them self after a short time.

You can try uninstall and reinstall the app but I would maybe wait a day

or two first see what happens.

Maybe  try Google AccuWeather for any related news ?


Stardock Community Assistant

on Sep 02, 2018

I have the same problem for the past four days. Very unusual as I've never had this problem before over the years of using this. Guess I'll have to try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that helps...



EDIT: Funny thing is their web site still works and is running fine, just not the app to their feed or their feed to the app...

on Sep 02, 2018

"Feed not available... try again later."

That's the message I get.



I'll .......try again later...

on Sep 02, 2018

I'm having the same problem with AccuWeather and ObjectDock ver Any fixes coming?

on Sep 02, 2018

Same here and I thought because i live in Germany  

on Sep 02, 2018

You definitely should try the HTC Home 3 widget: , been using it for year here, and you can pick from different weather providers. 

on Sep 02, 2018

Thank you  It says try  is it pay-ware ?

on Sep 03, 2018


Thank you  It says try  is it pay-ware ?


No, it is freeware.

on Sep 04, 2018


Quoting MadBoxx,

Thank you  It says try  is it pay-ware ?


No, it is freeware.


Thank u so much for ur help

on Sep 05, 2018

I am also having the same problem.  "Feed not available... try again later"

That was a week ago.  Considering I paid for the software and this service, we're kind of being shortchanged.

And yet, not fix or official comments from Stardock at all about what is going on.

I certainly won't recommend it in the future if we can't get an answer or any support.



on Sep 06, 2018

Please add one more to the list of those who care about the weather docklet. And I did try the HTC Home 3 widget -- couldn't get it to accept my location or to change weather providers or to do much of anything. I want my StarDocklet Weather Docklet back! It really shouldn't be that hard...

on Sep 07, 2018

Yeah, I'm pretty bummed that this is still a problem after this much time has passed... re-installing didn't do a thing, of course, as it's not an installation issue. Come on, Stardock, you can get this resolved if you want to!

on Sep 07, 2018

There are no imminent releases pending for ObjectDock nor any to address any Accuweather issues.

Sean Drohan
Stardock Customer Service Manager